Broken strings

Wannabee a guitar smurf

It has been some time now. I miss the days of playing in a band.

I was a member of  folk-rock duo Critical Mass (Cape Town SA). Acoustic guitar picking is my main forte but I played bass guitar to give the band a fuller sound. With my long term Friend GB playing lead guitar and doing the main vocals, I added the harmony to give the Crosby, Stills and Nash sound for which we became well known.

My move to London ended all of that in late 2006 and while Critical Mass continues gigging at a number of local restaurants and clubs, I am left as a solo artist. My focus has turned more to the producing of a solo album rather than gigging, a task which is harder than I imagined.

This site is dedicated to all those aspiring musos who have been lost along the way.


Arfa Bee

August 2009